#307 What I Was Listening To ... 40 Years Ago: March 1973 Playlist, Part 1 of 2

March 3, 2013

307 Post-1 Depositphotos_2286999_XS.jpgAs I recall, 1973 was a pretty amazing year for me academically. Teachers started to take notice and, suddenly, it seemed I was being fast-tracked. I can't remember whether or not my parents thought I was nuts or what, but I seem to recall having my IQ tested for some reason. One of the reasons for my apparent strangeness was that I had already read the World Book Encyclopedia that my parents had bought for us the summer before, from A through Z. I loved it so much that I would do it twice more. This, of course, was after I had already digested - from cover to cover - whatever dictionaries were laying around the house. I had this insatiable desire for inputting data into my mind. And more was never enough. And then I stumbled upon a "book" beyond my wildest imaginings: the Encyclopedia Britannica. Whoa! I was in heaven.

Yeah, I was, by no means, your normal nine-year old kid. And this is what that weird kid was listening to way back in March, 1973 ...

307 Post-2 Depositphotos_4971370_XS.jpg"Alabama '69"
Humble Pie
"As Safe As Yesterday Is" [08/xx/1969]

Wishbone Ash
"Pilgrimage" [09/xx/1971]

"Also Sprach Zarathustra"
Single [03/1973]

Simon and Garfunkel
"Bookends" [04/03/1968]

"And I Wish I Were Stoned"
"If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You" [09/04/1970]

307 Post-3 Depositphotos_5029316_XS.jpg"Animal Zoo"
"Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus" [11/xx/1970]

"Are You Experienced?"
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
"Are You Experienced?" [05/12/1967]

Single [03/1973]

"Awaiting On You All"
George Harrison
"All Things Must Pass" [11/27/1970]

"Backdoor Love Affair"
ZZ Top
"ZZ Top's First Album" [01/16/1971]

307 Post-4 Depositphotos_5086108_XS.jpg"Beehive State"
The Doobie Brothers
"The Doobie Brothers" [04/xx/1971]

"Behind The Wall Of Sleep"
Black Sabbath
"Black Sabbath" [02/13/1970]

"Bell Bottom Blues"
Derek and the Dominos
Single [03/1973]

"Be Yourself"
"Hawkwind" [08/14/1970]

"Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen"
"Abraxas" [09/xx/1970]

307 Post-5 Depositphotos_5247011_XS.jpg"Boo, Boo, Don't 'Cha Be Blue"
Tommy James
Single [03/1973]

Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Bayou Country" [01/xx/1969]

"Carry That Weight"
The Beatles
"Abbey Road" [09/26/1969]

"Cat Food"
King Crimson
"In The Wake Of Poseidon" [05/15/1970]

"Close To The Edge Suite: IV. Seasons Of Man"
"Close To The Edge" [09/13/1972]

307 Post-6 Depositphotos_5605058_XS.jpg"Cold Cold Cold"
Little Feat
"Sailin' Shoes" [05/xx/1972]

"Communication Breakdown"
Led Zeppelin
"Led Zeppelin" [01/12/1969]

"Cripple Creek Ferry"
Neil Young
"After The Gold Rush" [08/31/1970]

"Dachau Blues"
Captain Beefheart
"Trout Mask Replica" [06/16/1969]

"Dino's Song"
Quicksilver Messenger Service
"Quicksilver Messenger Service" [05/xx/1968]

307 Post-7 Depositphotos_5639622_XS.jpg"Doctor Please"
Blue Cheer
"Vincebus Eruptum" [01/xx/1968]

"Don't Cross The River"
Single [03/1973]

"Dueling Banjos"
"Deliverance" Soundtrack
Single [03/1973]

"Fat Old Sun"
Pink Floyd
"Atom Heart Mother" [10/10/1970]

"Foggy Mental Breakdown"
"Steppenwolf 7" [11/xx/1970]

307 Post-8 Depositphotos_5667695_XS.jpg"Follow Your Daughter Home"
The Guess Who
Single [03/1973]

"Get Out Of My Life, Woman"
Iron Butterfly
"Heavy" [01/22/1968]

"Good Morning Heartache"
Diana Ross
Single [03/1973]

"Hello Hooray"
Alice Cooper
Single [03/1973]

Seals and Crofts
Single [03/1973]

307 Post-9 Depositphotos_5688160_XS.jpg"I'd Love To Change The World"
Ten Years After
"A Space In Time" [08/xx/1971]

"I Found Out"
John Lennon
"John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band" [12/11/1970]

"If (Stomp)"
Fairport Convention
"Fairport Convention" [xx/xx/1970]

"I'm A Man"
"Chicago Transit Authority" [04/28/1969]

"I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)
The Moody Blues
Single [03/1973]

307 Post-10 Depositphotos_5825698_XS.jpg

"In Hiding"
"From Genesis To Revelation" [03/07/1969]

"In Old England Town (Boogie No. 2)"
Electric Light Orchestra
"ELO 2" [02/xx/1973]

"Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues"
Bob Dylan
"Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Volume II" [11/17/1971]

"Killing Me Softly With His Song"
Roberta Flack
Single [03/1973]

"Kissing My Love"
Bill Withers
Single [03/1973]

307 Post-11 Depositphotos_8351725_XS.jpg

"Living Together, Growing Together"
The Fifth Dimension
Single [03/1973]

"Love Her Madly"
The Doors
"L.A. Woman" [04/19/1971]

"Love Is What You Make It"
The Grass Roots
Single [03/1973]

"Love Train"
The O'Jays
Single [03/1973]

"Love You"
Syd Barrett
"The Madcap Laughs" [01/03/1970]