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#107 “I Understand That You’re A Lawyer, But What Exactly Do You Do?”, Part 2 of 4

107 Post-1 Depositphotos_4556228_XS.jpgWhat I Do:

When I was in law school, I dreamt of becoming an attorney adept in international corporate law. I was conversational in French and had a facility with language such that I was certain that I could learn almost any language within a short period of time, especially if I were to be immersed in it. I already had a rudimentary understanding of Spanish, German, Russian, and Italian, and was thinking about the possibility of learning Arabic or Mandarin as well.

Big dreams.

The problem with big dreams is that if they are not also accompanied by big ambition and hard work, they do not often make it into reality.

And that was precisely the case with this big dream of mine. While I loved high school and did well in college, law school proved to be exceedingly difficult for me. So much so that I very seriously considered dropping out of law school after the first year. There was just one catch: I had all those student loans to pay back, regardless of whether or not I remained in law school. So, like many others, I am sure, I weighed my options and thought: in for a penny, in for a pound. Screw it: I’d already managed to get one year under my belt, how tough could two more be?

107 Post-2 Depositphotos_2055370_XS.jpgTough. And hellish.

To say that I detested law school would be a gross understatement. I loathed my very existence for each and every day of law school. But, I remained interested in learning all about the law and steadfast in my belief that my future was in being an attorney. And I was right, but for all the wrong reasons.

My grades were poor but my research and writing skills were such that I easily wrote on to the law review. But, once on the law review, upon realizing how much additional work I had just gained for myself – in addition to all my classes – I decided against it.

One summer, I took a class on a whim, thinking to earn some easy credits. That class was family law. And despite my professor being an insufferable bore, I managed to learn quite a bit. And though I found it to be extremely interesting, I didn’t think it fit into my grand scheme of becoming an international corporate attorney. Which reminds me of a great line from one of my favorite Rod Stewart songs: “I sincerely thought I was so complete … Look how wrong you can be.”

107 Post-3 Depositphotos_3490146_XS.jpgSo. The long and the short of it is that, through a long and excruciatingly slow (and painful) process of self-discovery, I realized that family law was indeed, after all, my thang. International corporate law? Not so much. And, thanks to not jetting to Paris regularly, my conversational French is now anything but.

Alright, alright, just answer the question already. Well, the best way to answer the question is to throw a lot on concepts your way. Ready? Here goes. This is what I do, from A to Y:

●Abandonment ●Abuse Proceedings ●Acknowledgment of Paternity ●ACODs ●Adjustment Services ●Adoptions ●Alcohol Abuse Issues ●Alienation Issues ●Anger Management ●Annulments ●Article 78 Proceedings ●Best Interests ●Change of Circumstances ●Child Abduction ●Child Support ●Corporal Punishment ●Criminal Appeals ●CSSA Guidelines ●Custodial Interference ●Custody-Joint Legal ●Custody-Shared Physical ●Custody-Sole Legal ●Default Judgments ●Derivative Abuse & Neglect ●Detention-Limited Secure ●Detention-Non-Secure ●Detention-Secure ●Developmental Disabilities ●Diligent Efforts ●Divorces-Contested ●Divorces-Uncontested107 Post-4 Depositphotos_5662806_XS.jpg●Domestic Violence ●Downward Modifications ●Drug Abuse Issues ●Drug Testing ●Drug Treatment Court ●Educational Issues ●Educational Neglect ●Emancipation ●Emotional Abuse ●Equitable Distribution ●Equitable Estoppel ●Extraordinary Circumstances ●Fair Hearings ●Family Court Appeals ●Family Offenses ●Felonies ●Foster Care Issues ●Foster Parents’ Rights ●Grandparents’ Rights ●Guardianship Proceedings ●Habeas Corpus Proceedings ●Homelessness Issues ●Home Studies ●ICPC Proceedings ●IDV Court ●Inadequate Guardianship ●In Camera Hearings ●Juvenile Delinquency ●Juvenile Offenders ●Kinship Placement ●Lincoln Hearings ●Medical Neglect ●Mental Health Issues ●Misdemeanors ●Modifications of Orders ●Negative Inferences ●Neglect Proceedings ●Orders of Filiation ●Orders of Protection ●Out-of-State Custody Issues ●Parenting Classes ●Parenting Time/Visitation ●Parole ●Paternity Proceedings ●Pension Issues ●Permanency Hearings ●Permanent Neglect ●Physical Abuse & Injury ●PINS Proceedings ●Placement ●Post-Nuptial Agreements ●Pre-Nuptial Agreements ●Presumption of Legitimacy ●Preventive Services ●Prison Visitation ●Probation ●Psychological Evaluations ●Re-Entry Into Foster Care ●Relocation ●Removal ●Separation Agreements ●Sex Offenders ●Sex Offenses ●Sexual Abuse ●Sexuality Issues ●Siblings’ Rights ●SORA Appeals ●Spousal Support ●Supervised Visitation ●Surrenders ●Suspended Judgments ●1028 Hearings ●Third-Party Interference ●TPR Proceedings ●Traffic Infractions ●UCCJEA Proceedings ●UIFSA Proceedings ●Upward Modifications ●Valuation of Assets ●Valuation of Real Property ●Violations of Orders ●Violations ●Youthful Offenders