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#277 What I Was Listening To … 40 Years Ago: February 1973 Playlist, Part 1 of 2

277 Post-1 Depositphotos_2286999_XS.jpgAlso, a quick note: I know many of the songs I cite are part of larger medleys. Yeah, I get it. However, me and my friends always used to consider the titles within a medley to be distinct parts in and among themselves (most of the time; I can’t tell you how many hours we spent philosophizing over this!). Of course, bands like Jethro Tull really put that to the test with such album-spanning songs as “Thick As A Brick” and “A Passion Play”. However, even there, we found a way to break them all down. It got to the point that we knew exactly what the grooves looked like, demarcating the parts of medleys. Yeah. As I have repeatedly stated, as kids, we had an enormous amount of time on our hands. Funny, as an adult, this is the part about childhood that I miss the most. Time.

Anyway, here is what I was listening to, way the hell back in that now ancient time of February, 1973, as I was enjoying the afternoon sun on the snow in Ms. Collins’ third grade class, thinking about all the albums we’d play once school was out …

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“And So To Bed”
Atomic Rooster “Atomic Rooster” [02/xx/1970]

“And You And I Suite: I. Cord Of Life”
Yes “Close To The Edge” [09/13/1972]

“A Prenormal Day At Brighton”
Jade Warrior “Jade Warrior” [xx/xx/1971]

Captain Beyond “Captain Beyond” [07/xx/1972]

277 Post-3 Depositphotos_4154359_XS.jpg
Mick Abrahams Band “Mick Abrahams” [xx/xx/1971]

“Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)”
George Harrison “All Things Must Pass” [11/27/1970]

Humble Pie “As Safe As Yesterday Is” [08/xx/1969]

“Bass Strings”
Country Joe and the Fish “Electric Music For the Mind And Body” [04/xx/1967]

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“Black Mountain Side”
Led Zeppelin “Led Zeppelin” [01/12/1969]

“Born On The Bayou”
Creedence Clearwater Revival “Bayou Country” [01/xx/1969]

“But I Do”
Bobby Vinton Single [02/1973]

Grateful Dead “American Beauty” [11/01/1970]

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“Can’t Find My Way Home”
Blind Faith “Blind Faith” [08/xx/1969]

“Could It Be I’m Falling In Love”
The Spinners Single [02/1973]

“Crocodile Rock”
Elton John Single [02/1973]

“Dancing In The Moonlight”
King Harvest Single [02/1973]

“Do It Again”
Steely Dan Single [02/1973]

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“Don’t Expect Me To Be Your Friend”
Lobo Single [02/1973]

“Don’t Talk Now”
James Taylor “James Taylor” [02/17/1969]

“Drive Me”
Blodwyn Pig “Getting To This” [04/xx/1970]

“Easy To Slip”
Little Feat “Sailin’ Shoes” [05/xx/1972]

“Everybody Is A Star”
Sly and the Family Stone “Greatest Hits” [10/29/1970]

277 Post-7 Depositphotos_4687287_XS.jpg“Five Years”
David Bowie “The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars” [06/06/1972]

“For Yasgur’s Farm”
Mountain “Climbing!” [03/07/1970]

“Foxey Lady”
The Jimi Hendrix Experience “Are You Experienced?” [05/12/1967]

“Fruit Tree”
Nick Drake “Five Leaves Left” [09/01/1969]

“Golden Slumbers”
The Beatles “Abbey Road” [09/26/1969]

277 Post-8 Depositphotos_4690448_XS.jpg“Halo Of Flies”
Alice Cooper “Killer” [11/xx/1971]

“Hard Drivin’ Man”
The J. Geils Band “The J. Geils Band” [11/16/1970]

“Here They Come”
Ten Years After “A Space In Time” [08/xx/1971]

“Hi Hi Hi”
Paul McCartney Single [02/1973]

“Hold On”
John Lennon “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band” [12/11/1970]

277 Post-9 Depositphotos_4712744_XS.jpg“I Believe In You”
Neil Young “After The Gold Rush” [08/31/1970]

“I Can’t Quit Her”
Blood, Sweat and Tears “Child Is Father To The Man” [02/21/1968]

“I Don’t Know Where I Stand”
Fairport Convention “Fairport Convention” [xx/xx/1970]

“If I Could Do It All Over Again, I’d Do It All Over You”
Caravan “If I Could Do It All Over Again, I’d Do It All Over You” [09/04/1970]

“I’ll Keep On Trying”
Uriah Heep “…Very ‘Eavy … Very ‘Umble” [06/xx/1970]

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“I’m Not Satisfied”
Frank Zappa “Freak Out!” [06/27/1966]

“It’s A Boy!”
The Who “Tommy” [05/23/1969]

“Jail Bait”
Wishbone Ash “Pilgrimage” [09/xx/1971]

“Jesus Is Just Alright”
The Doobie Brothers Single [02/1973]

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“Just Got Back From Baby’s”
ZZ Top ZZ Top’s First Album” [01/16/1971]