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#341 The 11 Counties of the Greater Capital Region, Part 3 of 6

341 Post Depositphotos_2048407_xs.jpgAnother thing to note about the Greater Capital Region is that is overwhelmingly rural and heavily forested. While there are large swaths of the urban-suburban continuum in abundance in the area between and around the Albany-Schenectady-Troy hubs – places like the towns of Bethlehem, Brunswick, Clifton Park, Colonie, East Greenbush, Glenville, Guilderland, Halfmoon, Niskayuna, North Greenbush, Rotterdam, and Waterford – most of the area is sparsely populated and relatively empty. Even most of the villages have a rustic and rural flavor to them. This is especially the case with all of the outlying counties and most of their municipalities.

341 Post-2 Greene County Colored.jpg4. The County of Greene:

Incorporated: 1800 Population: 49,221 Area: 658 Cities: None Towns: 14: Ashland, Athens, Cairo, Catskill, Coxsackie, Durham, Greenville, Halcott, Hunter, Jewett, Lexington, New Baltimore, Prattsville, and Windham Villages: 5: Athens, Catskill, Coxsackie, Hunter, and Tannersville
More and more, like Columbia County, to the east of the Hudson, Greene County is becoming a weekend getaway for Downstaters, and with good reason: there is a great deal of open space with few people in it. Plus, a good chunk of the Catskill State Park resides in Greene County, so opportunities for recreation abound, especially regarding hiking. This county has no cities within its borders, like Schoharie County and Washington County. And, like those counties, there is an abundance of small communities. Unlike those counties, farming is not so widespread, existing mostly in the northeastern corner of the county and along the river.

341 Post-3 Montgomery County Colored.jpg5. The County of Montgomery:

Incorporated: 1772 Population: 50,219 Area: 410 Cities: 1: Amsterdam Towns: 10: Amsterdam, Canajoharie, Charleston, Florida, Glen, Minden, Mohawk, Palatine, Root, and St. Johnsville Villages: 10: Ames, Canajoharie, Fonda, Fort Johnson, Fort Plain, Fultonville, Hagaman, Nelliston, Palatine Bridge, and St. Johnsville
Another county where farming is thoroughly in evidence. Other than the little industry that is found in Amsterdam and some of the outlying villages, there isn’t much of an economy to speak of. However, Montgomery County lies within the heart of the Mohawk Valley and, again, the vistas can be spectacular. Deprived of the mountains present in every other county of the region, Montgomery County boasts of being The Gateway to the West, home to both the original Erie Canal and the present-day New York State Canal System. Also, the Canalway Trail is nearing completion, allowing cyclists to ride from the western border of the county to the eastern border, along the southern bank of the Mohawk, thereby connecting the many and disparate tourist sites in the county’s Mohawk Valley.

Both because of its small size and the fact that its county seat (the Village of Fonda) is so close to Fulton County’s county seat (the City of Johnstown), Montgomery and Fulton counties are closely associated on a number of levels.