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#395 What I Was Listening To … 40 Years Ago: May 1973 Playlist, Part 2 of 2

394 Post-1 Depositphotos_2286999_XS.jpgAnother thing about this period of time, as well as the music in it, was that it was angry. The Vietnam War was still in full swing and I knew lots of kids whose older brothers were either already over there or scared @#$%less that they would soon be drafted to go over there. Looking back, I’m both amazed and appalled at how easily propagandized we all were; that being in the middle of an undeclared war in Vietnam was as American as apple pie. My parents were staunch conservative Republicans who took their marching orders directly from their Party and their Dear Leader, Richard Milhouse Nixon. And we all know how that turned out.

Being weaned on all that anti-war music made me as different from my parents as night is to day. To this day, my parents remain diehard conservative Republicans who let Fox News do their thinking for them. Meanwhile, having grown up to be a New Deal Democrat, there is no political party left to represent me and my interests other than the up-and-coming Green Party. The Democrats? Get real.

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“Mama You Been On My Mind”
Rod Stewart “Never A Dull Moment” [07/21/1972]

“Mary Long”
Deep Purple “Who Do We Think We Are” [01/26/1973]

“Medicated Goo”
Traffic “Last Exit” [05/xx/1969]

“Moonage Daydream”
David Bowie “The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars” [06/06/1972]

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“Mushmouth Shoutin'”
ZZ Top “Rio Grande Mud” [04/04/1972]

Black Sabbath “Black Sabbath” [02/13/1970]

“One Of These Days”
Pink Floyd “Meddle” [10/30/1971]

“Only In Your Heart”
America Single [05/1973]

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“Paranoia – Part 2”
Hawkwind “Hawkwind” [08/14/1970]

“Parchment Farm”
Blue Cheer “Vincebus Eruptum” [01/xx/1968]

“Peach – An End”
King Crimson “In The Wake Of Poseidon” [05/15/1970]

Gentle Giant “Three Friends” [04/14/1972]

“Raging River Of Fear”
Captain Beyond “Captain Beyond” [07/xx/1972]

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“Righteous Rhumba”
Matching Mole “Matching Mole’s Little Red Record” [11/xx/1972]

“Sea Of Joy”
Blind Faith “Blind Faith” [02/13/1970]

“Sitting In My Hotel”
The Kinks “Everybody’s In Show-Biz” [08/25/1972]

“Sittin’ On A Rainbow”
Mountain “Climbing!” [03/07/1970]

Elton John “Honky Chateau” [05/19/1972]

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“Someday (August 29, 1968)”
Chicago “Chicago Transit Authority” [04/28/1969]

“Somethin’ Goin’ On”
Blood, Sweat and Tears “Child Is Father To The Man” [02/21/1968]

Jethro Tull “Benefit” [04/20/1970]

Can “Ege Bamyasi” [11/xx/1972]

The Who “Tommy” [05/23/1969]

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“Take The Devil”
Eagles “Eagles” [06/17/1972]

“The ‘Fish’ Cheer”
Country Joe and the Fish “I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die” [11/xx/1967]

“The Morning”
The Moody Blues “Days Of Future Passed” [12/xx/1967]

“The Park”
Uriah Heep “Salisbury” [01/xx/1971]

“The Weaver’s Answer”
Family “Family Entertainment” [03/xx/1969]

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“Till The Morning Comes”
Grateful Dead “American Beauty” [11/01/1970]

“Tripe Face Boogie”
Little Feat “Sailin’ Shoes” [05/xx/1972]

“Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey”
Paul McCartney “Ram” [05/21/1971]

“Up From The Skies”
The Jimi Hendrix Experience “Axis: Bold As Love” [12/01/1967]

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Wishbone Ash “Pilgrimage” [09/xx/1971]

“Voices Of Old People”
Simon and Garfunkel “Bookends” [04/03/1968]

“Wear Your Love Like Heaven”
Donovan “Donovan’s Greatest Hits” [01/xx/1969]

“Who Needs Ya”
Steppenwolf “Steppenwolf 7” [11/xx/1970]

“Why Are We Sleeping?”
Soft Machine “The Soft Machine” [12/xx/1968]

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“Why Can’t I Be Free?”
Spirit “Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus” [11/xx/1970]

Genesis “From Genesis To Revelation” [03/07/1969]

“Wish Me Well”
Procol Harum “Shine On Brightly” [09/xx/1968]

“World Of Pain”
Cream “Disraeli Gears” [11/xx/1967]

“You Can’t Win”
Iron Butterfly “Heavy” [01/22/1968]

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“You Drive Me Nervous”
Alice Cooper “Killer” [11/xx/1971]