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#735 Just How Far Are You Willing To Go?

Greater Capital Region

One of the stranger aspects of having a website and blog is publishing all sorts of information on being an attorney in the Capital District and still having people call me from all over the nation, asking me to represent them in states or counties that I do not practice in. Clearly, they found me on the internet. And, just as clearly, they never took the time to actually read where I practice law.

While I have, on occasion, practiced outside of the eleven (11) county Greater Capital Region, I mostly practice within it, and usually close to home in the counties of Saratoga, Schenectady, Rensselaer, and Albany.

One of the reasons for practicing “close to home” is to be able to serve clients at reduced rates. Obviously, the farther I have to drive, the more expensive it is for me to have to appear in a more distant court. Closer courts make the most sense. Still, in some of the outlying counties, there are fewer attorneys available. So, a healthy compromise is to be available to appear in any of the eleven counties in this area.

So, how far away are these various courts for me? One is so close I can walk to it (Saratoga). One is so far away that an appearance eats up an entire morning or afternoon (Columbia). A quick review of MapQuest gives me the following information:


Saratoga (Ballston Spa)          2.5 miles in 4 minutes;

Schenectady                            13.5 miles in 23 minutes;

Rensselaer (Troy)                    24.3 miles in 26 minutes;

Albany                                        29.6 miles in 31 minutes;

Warren (Lake George)            33.2 miles in 33 minutes;

Washington (Fort Edward)     31.2 miles in 36 minutes;

Fulton (Johnstown)                 30.4 miles in 41 minutes;

Montgomery (Fonda)              32.3 miles in 43 minutes;

Schoharie                                38.3 miles in 51 minutes;

Greene (Catskill)                     62.6 miles in 64 minutes; and

Columbia (Hudson)                61.7 miles in 67 minutes.


None of those quite compare with some of the more distant and outlying counties, such as Hamilton, which clocks in at 73.1 miles in 90 minutes. I had several appearances and a trial there, in early August. While it was a beautiful ride, it was a long ride. And if you are unlucky enough to get behind a bus or truck going up those mountain roads, add another 30 minutes to your trip.

Those are the counties I cover on a regular basis. If you live in one of those eleven (11) counties, and you need an attorney to represent you in a child support matter, give me a call.